Medical rehabilitation

It is a medical specialty that aims to restore the functional ability of individuals suffering from physical impairments caused by disease or injury.

Medical rehabilitation
Rehabilitation is the process of helping a person achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Severe trauma, spinal cord or brain damage, cerebral palsy, strokes - this is not a complete list of pathologies that require a long period of rehabilitation. The equipment of the health care facility is not the least here.

Treadmill «Reaterra Cardio»

«Reaterra» is a medical treadmill with specifically designed rehabilitation software and biofeedback.

Treadmill «Reaterra Neuro»

«Reaterra» is a medical treadmill with specifically designed rehabilitation software and biofeedback.

Exoskeleton «E-Helper»

Medical exoskeletons are intended for the rehabilitation of patients after temporary loss mobility of the lower limbs, as well as for constant use by people with full loss of functionality of the lower extremities.

«ANIKA» rehabilitation glove

«ANIKA» rehabilitation glove is a bio-feedback based simulator used to regain fine motor skills and motor coordination.

«Ekzarta »

«Ekzarta» - kinesiotherapy suspension system and operation method.

«IMITRON» walking simulator

«IMITRON» walking simulator is used for active and passive mechanotherapy.

«BALANCE MASTER» bio-feedback simulator

«BALANCE MASTER» bio-feedback simulator is designed to restore balance, develop movement coordination and balance.

«Reaport» patient lifting system

The «ReaPort» system is intended for transporting non-walking patients or patients with mobility difficulties indoors within one floor of a building, both in a medical institution and in a residential area. Also for rehabilitation and training of gait, motor function and strengthening of the muscular system, it allows you to train the correct physiological gait.

«Neurooptima» audiovisual complex

The NeuroOptima Complex implements a two-loop biofeedback on the eclectic activity of the brain and heart rate. The device is intended for adaptive neurostimulation to correct psychosomatic conditions of various etiologies, including stressful.

«Kinezo Expert» verticalizing tables

«Kinezo Expert» verticalizing tables are used in rehab therapy for patients who cannot stand up without help.

«Alter Step» dynamic stair trainer


«Kinezo Expert» massage tables

«Kinezo Expert» massage tables are ideal for various applications in medical and rehabilitation centres, spas, hospitals, massage rooms and beauty salons.

Our advantages

Zarya-Med has been a manufacturer of high-quality equipment for physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation and mud therapy for 20 years. Why should you choose us?

We provide a complete package of documents for each device
We perform turnkey installations and provide practical training.
We give 12 months warranty for each device and carry out service maintenance.
We offer competitive delivery lead times.
We deliver innovative solutions to your complex projects.

Here’s a selection of the clients we have worked with:

Rehabilitation center of Dr. Volkova
EkaterinburgRehabilitation center of Dr. Volkova
Saki Military Clinical Sanatorium named N. I. Pirogova
Republic of Crimea, Saki, st. Kurortnaya, 2Saki Military Clinical Sanatorium named N. I. Pirogova
FBU Rehabilitation Center “Crystall ”
AnapaFBU Rehabilitation Center “Crystall ”
Outpatient clinic № 1 of  Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation
MoscowOutpatient clinic № 1 of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation

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