Medical rehabilitation

«Kinezo Expert» massage tables

«Kinezo Expert» massage tables are ideal for various applications in medical and rehabilitation centres, spas, hospitals, massage rooms and beauty salons.

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«Kinezo Expert-7/2М»
«Kinezo Expert-7/2М»Number of sections and motors: 7-section, 2 motors, Pivot function

Features: It is possible to bend the table "hump".

The second motor is controlled from a small remote control located at the bottom of the chest part of the bed.
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«Kinezo Expert-7»
«Kinezo Expert-7»Number of sections and motors: 7-section, 1 motor.

Features: There are additional armrests at the head end and middle section.

Head armrests down down, and the pectorals rotate downward by axis.
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«Kinezo Expert-3»
«Kinezo Expert-3»Number of sections and motors: 3-section, 1 motor.

Features: Gas lifts raise and lower the head and leg sections.
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«Kinezo Expert-2»
«Kinezo Expert-2» Number of sections and motors: 2-section, 1 motor.

Features: Gas lifts raise and lower the head section.
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«Kinezo Expert-B3»
«Kinezo Expert-B3»3 sections, width 120 or 160 cmОтправить заявку
«Kinezo Expert-B2»
«Kinezo Expert-B2»2 sections, width 120 or 160 cmОтправить заявку
«Kinezo Expert-B1»
«Kinezo Expert-B1»1 section, width 120 or 160 cmОтправить заявку


Table height can be easily adjusted with an electric drive. The frame height switch ensures smooth raising and lowering of the table on either side with an easy foot movement without distraction from the procedure.

Wide «Kinezo Expert» kinesitherapy tables are designed for rehabilitation after injuries and diseases damaging the central nervous system and accompanied by impaired motor activity. They are cerebral palsy, strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders. «Kinezo Expert» tables are perfect for Bobath & Vojta therapy and PNF therapy.

Tables for Bobath & Vojta therapy have a very large work surface and high durability, allowing the therapist to stand on the table with the patient lying on it.

Our equipment is used for rehabilitation in intensive care units. Besides, it is suitable for home therapy.


  • Stroke,
  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Brain injuries,
  • Recovery after neurological surgery.

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