Cancer rehabilitation

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer are difficult physical and psychological tests for the patient. After treatment, various complications may develop, and the degree of disability is high.

Cancer rehabilitation
To prevent negative consequences and return a person to normal life, a comprehensive rehabilitation program is necessary. It should start early and include physical, physiotherapeutic and psychological factors.

«Magnetoturbotron Lux»

«Magnitoturbotron» is a physiotherapy equipment for systemic magnetotherapy. The device has a capsule-like form with a large diameter inductor installed inside.


«RWave» - the system of extracorporeal magnetic stimulation (EXMS) of the neuromuscular apparatus of a pelvic floor.


«Elgos» – electrostatic massager

Our advantages

Zarya-Med has been a manufacturer of high-quality equipment for physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation and mud therapy for 20 years. Why should you choose us?

We provide a complete package of documents for each device
We perform turnkey installations and provide practical training.
We give 12 months warranty for each device and carry out service maintenance.
We offer competitive delivery lead times.
We deliver innovative solutions to your complex projects.

Here’s a selection of the clients we have worked with:

Rehabilitation center of Dr. Volkova
EkaterinburgRehabilitation center of Dr. Volkova
Saki Military Clinical Sanatorium named N. I. Pirogova
Republic of Crimea, Saki, st. Kurortnaya, 2Saki Military Clinical Sanatorium named N. I. Pirogova
FBU Rehabilitation Center “Crystall ”
AnapaFBU Rehabilitation Center “Crystall ”
Outpatient clinic № 1 of  Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation
MoscowOutpatient clinic № 1 of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation

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