«RWave» - the system of extracorporeal magnetic stimulation (EXMS) of the neuromuscular apparatus of a pelvic floor.

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«RWave» - the system of extracorporeal magnetic stimulation (EXMS) of the neuromuscular apparatus of a pelvic floor. The EXMS method is not new; it was developed and tested in the United States in the 90s. Until now, it has become widespread in the treatment of urological and gynecological diseases. The effectiveness of this method is evidenced by the results of the treatment of several million patients.

Modern, scientific solution :

«Rwave» is a comfortable chair, where a seat has the magnetic inductor which generates the focused magnetic field directed on muscles of the pelvic floor. The impulse excites nervous fibers which force the contraction of muscles, providing their training and raising a tone .

What happens during a procedure?

During the session the patient sits in the chair. The treatment is non-invasive therefore the patient shouldn’t undress, the impulses of magnetic field easily can go through clothes. RWAve is a non-invasive, non-surgical, completely painless treatment.

The therapeutic effect is achieved after 10-15 session, each of them takes about 20 minutes.

Indication for use:


  • chronic pelvic pain;
  • chronic prostatitis category III;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature ejaculation ;
  • post-operative recovery after radical prostatectomy;
  • Lower third ureteric stones ;
  • urinary incontinence/rectal incontinence in children.


  • Extracorporeal magnetic stimulation of the neuromuscular apparatus of the pelvic floor;
  • urinary incontinence treatment;
  • restoring sexual function;
  • chronic pelvic pain treatment;
  • strengthen the vaginal muscles ;
  • preparation for IVF.
  • Delicate handling of sensitive problems.

    • Lack of stressful factors.
    • Treatment without pain, anguish and stress.
    • Healthy.
    • High capacity.

    Please pay attention that «RWave» is a medical equipment. The doctor prescribes treatment after medical examination.

    Сontraindications for use:

    The general contraindication to physiotherapy remain in force: pregnancy, acute hemorrhoids, existence of cardiac pacemaker, intrauterine spirals, the metal implants applied more than 20 years ago.

    Please pay attention, that it can affect the periods.

    Technical specifications :

    • Capacity: 1,5 kW;
    • The duration of one stimulation pulse at the output of the control unit, μs .......................... (270 ± 50);
    • The maximum induction of an alternating magnetic field on the surface of a therapeutic chair, T 0.45
    • Frequency: Hz 1-100 ;
    • Smooth impulse increase/decrease;
    • Tablet remote control;
    • Large number of pre-installed programs;
    • Seat height adjustments;
    • Maintenance of the patient database.

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