Medical rehabilitation

«IMITRON» walking simulator

«IMITRON» walking simulator is used for active and passive mechanotherapy.

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«IMITRON» (for children)
«IMITRON» (for children)Patient's weight, max.: 60 kg

Patient's height: 110–145 cm
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«IMITRON» (for adult patients)
«IMITRON» (for adult patients)Patient's weight, max. 150 kg

Patient's height : 145–185 cm
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It is used in the rehabilitation after diseases and injuries of the spine, spinal cord and brain.


  • Hemi-, para- and tetraparesis after brain diseases or spinal cord injuries;
  • Leg paralysis and paresis;
  • Cerebral palsy and other congenital neuromuscular disorders;
  • Strokes.


  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis;
  • Dynamic load on bones and muscles (exercising);
  • Prevention of joint instability and osteoarthritis;
  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Respiratory system stimulation;
  • Prevention of urinary tract infections;
  • Improving the emotional and mental state of the patient.

With the help of hand movements, the patient synchronously moves the structural elements supporting his/her lower limbs. The torso stabilization system helps to maintain an upright position, and the patient moves his/her lower limbs with help of hand work, due to which a walking process is simulated. «IMITRON» Walking Simulator allows exercising leg muscles and joints in a passive mode. The upper limbs and the shoulder girdle also work actively. The muscles of the back and abdomen are exercised, the body and pelvis turn and bend.

Please note that the step in the «IMITRON» is physiological, which allows the muscles and joints of the legs to be worked out in a passive mode. The upper limbs and shoulder girdle are also actively working, the muscles of the back and abdomen are being trained, the body and pelvis are rotated. A pronounced positive effect is achieved in the fight against stagnant processes in the digestive and genitourinary systems.

«IMITRON» helps both patients undergoing medical rehabilitation with the prospect of restoring walking function, and improves the quality of life of patients who have completely lost this function.

«IMITRON» Walking Simulator is available in two versions: For adult patients and for children. Both versions can be equipped with an electronic measurement unit to measure walking speed, count steps and record the workout duration.

The simulator can be used by patients with the thoracic and cervical spinal cord injuries. Additional supports are provided for such patients

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