Medical rehabilitation

Exoskeleton «E-Helper»

Medical exoskeletons are intended for the rehabilitation of patients after temporary loss mobility of the lower limbs, as well as for constant use by people with full loss of functionality of the lower extremities.

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Exoskeleton «E-Helper» individual version
Exoskeleton «E-Helper» individual versionIndividual version for permanent home use by one patient with limited adjustment value, made for a specific patient (several measurements are required) and has one set of cushions.Отправить заявку
Exoskeleton «E-Helper» rehabilitation version
Exoskeleton «E-Helper» rehabilitation versionRehabilitation version for hospitals with a simple and quick way to set up, a large range of pillows for the back and abdomen, an adjustment tool.Отправить заявку


The exoskeleton "E-Helper" is designed taking into account modern trends in medical rehabilitation, assistive technologies and adaptation of the complex to the anthropometric parameters of the patient.

Exoskeleton – new opportunities of physical rehabilitation

Who will benefit from «exorehabilitation»

  • Patients recovering from stoke with mobility issues;
  • Patients after a traumatic brain injury with mobility issues;
  • Patients with traumatic injury of the spine;
  • Patients with gait pathologies due to musculoskeletal system disorders;
  • Patients with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis with mobility issues.

There has been positive experience in use of exoskeleton in rehabilitation of patients recovering from stroke.

Based on modern data, regenerative and compensatory processes in the CNS (due to stroke or trauma etc.) are maintained due to a biological phenomenon of neural plasticity.

Neural plasticity is the ability of CNS to structurally and functionally reorganize neuronal elements and systems.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the possibility of activation of neural plasticity processes in patients with balance and gait disorders due to boosting of the afferent flow from paretic extremities. Regular, lengthy, and targeted training can ensure adequate and continuous afferent supply. Exorehabilitation provides that possibility.

What improves the effectiveness of rehabilitation?

1. Separate adjustment of motor power for each leg. This function can be used for rehabilitation of patients with hemiparesis.

2. Initiation of the first step. During physical rehabilitation it is important to detect even the slightest muscle strain and to continue the ensuing movement.

3. Dynamic evaluation of spasticity. Exoskeleton monitors the change in power of the electrical motors that provide movement to the extremities.

EASY TO PUT ON The extremities of the exoskeleton have joints that allow them to fold out sideways.

Technical specifications of the «E-Helper» exoskeleton:

  • 8 hours of autonomous operation;
  • Built-in battery consists of LiFePO4 cells, remains safe in case of damage;
  • Patient weight up to 110 kg, height – 150-190 cm ;
  • Ability to climb stairs, turn around
  • Gear - motors with added durability;
  • Built-in microcomputer that stores the patient database and collects statistics for each patient;
  • Does not require costly annual servicing.

Allows patients to get up, sit down, walk, climb stairs/ramps and overcome minor obstacles without help, relying with their hands on crutches, thereby removing social barriers from the patients who are used wheelchair, and providing the opportunity independently go shopping, visiting hospitals etc.


  • The treadmill, using infrared sensors, automatically adjusts to the speed of movement of the exoskeleton;
  • Increases the safety of the rehabilitation process;
  • Reduces the burden on the medical staff.

You can learn more about the joint use of "E-HELPER" with other rehabilitation devices on the page «Project Exoskeleton»

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