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«ANIKA» rehabilitation glove

«ANIKA» rehabilitation glove is a bio-feedback based simulator used to regain fine motor skills and motor coordination.

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The glove is used as a rehab aid for patients with brain damage and spinal cord injuries, and for restoring fine motor skills after surgeries and injuries.

General operation principles and stages:

«Anika» Rehab Complex consists of a glove and computer software. Sensors are applied to the back of the hand, forearm and distal phalanges to record movements and transmit information about them to the program


  • Restoring fine motor skills after suffering illnesses and injuries;
  • Infantile Cerebral Palsy;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Stroke rehabilitation.

1. The first stage includes examination and diagnostics. The number of passive and active movements of fingers, wrists and forearms is recorded. The final results are saved. The program analyzes the data and determines options for the patient.

2. The second stage is rehabilitation. Exercises of varying difficulty are offered to the patient based on the analysis results. The complex is based on visual feedback. The process is displayed on the monitor in real time for the patient to control the correctness of the exercises. The therapist receives objective and accurate information on the patient's actions in real time. Thus, the therapist can configure the program and choose the most suitable exercises for each particular case. The workout is arranged in an game format, which motivates the patient to repeat the movements and increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation process.

3. The third stage includes control and adjustment of the rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation data is stored in the program for the therapist to monitor treatment process and adjust it if required. The program provides remote interaction with specialists of the health care institution. In this case, the program stores information on the statistics server available for the therapist at any time.

Convenience and ease for doctors and patients

«Anika» software can be downloaded from the cloud and installed on any computer. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, the settings are very precise: you can turn on and off different fingers; choose games that form strictly defined motor patterns; adjust the difficulty of completing tasks.

By adjusting the settings and choosing new, more complex games, we demonstrate the patient's progress, which allows us to maintain a high level of motivation and the desire for new achievements. This is extremely important when working with children or people who have suffered a stroke.

Let’s conclude with the «Anika»:

A glove with motion sensors + specialized software.

Tasks in hand and advantages:
  • Data collection, diagnostics
  • Selection of an individual program, the level of complexity.
  • Motivation of the patient in the form of a game.
  • Collect information about the progress, adjust the treatment program in real time.
  • All information about the treatment process is saved to the server.

    And what is most interesting ,the «Anika» embodies the concept of remote rehabilitation, as it has a server version, that is allowed to give the patient a glove for home use, because the entire process of training and their results will be saved on the server and the doctor will be able to remotely monitor the process and adjust the treatment taking into account the statistics of the patient's recovery.

  • The glove «Anika» is available in several sizes, including for children from 3 years old;
  • «Anika» has a European quality certificate;
  • The fabric base of the glove is made of a specialized material that is resistant to wear;
  • All sensors are disconnected from the fabric base, which can be washed and treated with disinfectants.

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