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The equipment is used together with the Exarta method to examine the functions of the fascial muscular chains and to create and implement a rehab program based on the diagnosis. The optimal load level is achieved with different exercises. The rehab program is aimed at restoring neuromuscular control, eliminating biomechanical disorders in joints and developing correct movement patterns.

The patient is placed on a table driven by a Kinezo-Expert electric drive. Slings are fixed under the patient's limbs, pelvis and/or chest using carabiners on cables hanging down from the ceiling structure. A wide sling mounted on thick elastic straps can be placed under the patient's body to facilitate exercising. In the stretched position, this sling is used to lift the body or its parts upward. Then the table is lowered or the sling cables are pulled up lifting the patient's arms and legs. As a result, the patient's body or its parts are suspended. A rehabilitation session includes a number of exercises.

Ekzarta – Suspension system

There is a set of head suspension slings (for exercises involving the cervical spine), as well as suspension slings for arms, legs, pelvis and chest. The patient's pelvis and/or chest are suspended on elastic straps to facilitate exercise and lift the body upward against gravity. The exercise load can be easily adjusted by changing the strap elasticity. There are 6 ways to decrease or increase the load thus selecting the difficulty level for a patient with any severity of motor impairments or severe pain.

Complex movements are split into simple ones for patients with neurological disorders (stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, etc.), worked out, and then combined into movement patterns. Exarta Kinesitherapy Suspension System is fully adapted for almost any functional exercises and includes all the necessary accessories (slings, elastic straps, ropes, rollers, Exarta Balance sensory motor cushions, etc.).


Exarta Kinesitherapy Suspension System is used to do special rehab exercises. Exarta Diagnostic Technique reveals weak links in the kinematic chain using various tests. If clinical manifestations (for example, pain) are rather pronounced, the patient undergoes several stages of the therapeutic treatment.

  • Pain relief and relaxation. When a patient is suspended, the gravity field effect is leveled, overloaded (tense) muscles relax and the pain syndrome decreases. Besides, light traction in the umbar spine and/or cervical vertebrae is used to relieve pain. passive joint mobilization (restoration of joint mobility). The patient is suspended with all muscles relaxed and with almost absolute absence of the gravity effect. The therapist gradually and safely increases the amplitude of movements with very little resistance from the patient’s muscles.
  • passive joint mobilization (restoration of joint mobility). The patient is suspended with all muscles relaxed and with almost absolute absence of the gravity effect. The therapist gradually and safely increases the amplitude of movements with very little resistance from the patient’s muscles.
  • Muscle alignment.
  • After a patient gets suspended, the specialist determines by the reduced movement amplitude which muscles are tense (shortened) and delicately stretches them using post-isometric relaxation and/or stretching. Weak muscles are engaged to eliminate the imbalance between inactive and tense muscles.

  • Active stabilization. Using special isometric exercises aimed at maintaining a static position and using a diaphragmatic breathing technique, the patient involves deep muscles which normally ensure stable position of the spine and joints. As the patient repeats the exercises, the tone of the core muscles increases, and the control of the central nervous system over them is restored.
  • Functional exercises. The specialist selects the exercise that the patient will need in everyday life, and combines the activity of the core and motor muscles in one movement, forming the correct movement pattern, which, when repeated, develops into a skill.
  • Secondary Prevention and Learning. Patients learn correct movements required in everyday life, in order to avoid overloads or incorrect movements which can cause relapse. This sequence helps establish an interaction between the central nervous system and the body, and prepare the patient for testing and subsequent treatment. Thus, the patient is suspended, or certain parts such as pelvis and legs are suspended.
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Medical Rehabilitation Centers “Ekzarta”

Vast experience of the manufacturer of medical equipment, as well as constant cooperation with scientific and educational organizations in the field of healthcare allowed us to create a network of truly effective medical rehabilitation centers.

Treatment is based on careful analysis and work with the patient, selection of modern techniques of rehabilitation based on the principles of functional anatomy, biomechanics and human neurophysiology: Ekzarta kinesiotherapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) method, soft manual therapy techniques, Bobath -therapy for adults, kinesiotaping, physiotherapy exercises and others.

Physical therapy equipment is widely used: dynamic electrical stimulation, electrostatic massage on the “Elgos” device, vacuum massage, systemic magnetotherapy.

Treatment procedures are complemented by modern rehabilitation simulators: walking simulator - "Imitron", "Balance-Master" simulator with biofeedback, "Alter Step" dynamic stair trainer with electric step height regulation.

We stand for early comprehensive diagnostics and rehabilitation, timely work with disable children, an individual approach to each patient, together we go to the main result - an active and healthy life.

Franchise “Ekzarta”

For those who want to open their own clinic, do rehabilitation effectively and at the same time to earn money. We offer a turnkey solution: Franchise “Ekzarta”.

Our experience has allowed us to create a successful case for business development in this area. Having studied foreign practices, we have successfully put them into practice . We have reached a new level - we are promoting the opening of centers under the Ekzarta brand in other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

We calculate the payback, provide room standards, help to equip, provide a visual solution, help to select and train personnel, set service standards.

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