Rehabilitation after COVID-19

Treadmill «Reaterra Cardio»

«Reaterra» is a medical treadmill with specifically designed rehabilitation software and biofeedback.

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«Reaterra Cardio» is a modification developed for cardio rehabilitation. The treadmill Reaterra is a bio-feedback based walking simulator with ergometric testing option, unloading system and programmable individual loads depending on gender, age and fitness level. Such options as speed, movement direction and elevation angle of the structure are adjustable. The patient's heart rate can be measured using a wireless sensor.

The treadmill «Reaterra» includes 2 options for setting accepted in cardiac rehabilitation- load at the specified heart rate limits and load by power.

1. Cardio workouts with preset capacity.

For example, patient's heart rate during rehabilitation session should be within the range of 90-110 BPM. We set these parameters and the treadmill will maintain the heart rate within the range of 90-11 BPM, changing the speed and angle of inclination of the belt.

2. Power load. After stress testing we get data on the maximum power.

In the treadmill menu we enter the patient's weight and the required power of the rehabilitation training. Treadmill, based on the entered parameters, sets the required load. For added safety, you can set an upper limit for the maximum heart rate possible for cardio training.

Such options as speed, movement direction and elevation angle of the structure are adjustable.

A powerful 2 kW AC motor is installed in the treadmill thus ensuring its uninterrupted operation in any mode, even with increased load.

  • There are options for programming individual cardiac rehab profiles and interval workouts.
  • It is possible to conduct a 6-minute walk test to assess patients with chronic heart failure.
  • An additional option for safe training - sound signal when exceeding the set heart rate range.

Also, there are special handrails that allow the use of treadmill for children's rehabilitation.

ReaTerra can be used as a stress testing device.

A new modification is preparing for launching: 0.5-30 km/h high performance treadmill and a modification with wide running surface

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