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Electric verticalizer Kinezo Expert

Kinezo Expert verticalizers are used to move the patient to an upright position, prepare him/her for standing and walking, and prevent negative consequences of a prolonged lying position.

Kinezo Expert electric verticalizers are available in three models differing in the number of motors, sections and adjustment options.

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  • Stroke;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Recovery after neurological surgery;
  • The verticalizing table has the largest number of possible foot position adjustments compared to other equipment of similar kind;
  • The equipment includes side supports, a table, straps for soft fixation of the legs and chest;
  • The table can be equipped with a face hole in the head section upon the customer's request, in order to use it as a massage table or kinesiotherapy table.

Standard configuration includes:

  • electric drive for smooth table adjustment;
  • gas struts for setting the inclination angle of the head section;
  • adjustable foot supports with anti-slip coating;
  • soft chest fixation;
  • soft leg fixation;
  • table.


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