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Traditionally by mud therapy applications there are mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological effects. The chemical effect of mud therapy is caused by the action of humic acids, which are found in large quantities in therapeutic muds. However, humic acids are inactive in all muds.

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Tomed products are made only from specially selected and environmentally friendly chemical-free peat. This is the reason why our products have no side effects.

Tomed Applicat

The therapeutic mud is applied on a areas of the body which need treatment. The product is available in plastic containers of 250 grams, 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg. A treated area must be covered with a PET film. The procedure duration is 20–40 minutes. The treatment consists of 10 – 20 procedures.

Tomed Aqua

Concentrated aqueous solution of humic compounds. Available in 1 L plastic containers. Application: Dilute 200 ml. of TOMED AQUA in 200 liters of water.

Tomed therapeutic mud with active humic acids:

  • The highest biological activity compared to other therapeutic muds,
  • The mud is easy of use and does not require additional equipment,
  • The procedure is very economical, 100-120 times less product is required,
  • Suitable for use at home.

Clinical effects:

  • Regenerative, antioxidant, anti-toxic effect,
  • Restoration of impaired metabolic energy balance,
  • Bacteriostatic and bactericidal action,
  • Immunocorrective effect,
  • Improved microcirculation,
  • Cosmetic effects.


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