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ReaTerra Treadmill

Reaterra is a bio-feedback based walking simulator with ergometric testing option, unloading system and programmable individual loads depending on gender, age and fitness level.

Such options as speed, movement direction and elevation angle of the structure are adjustable. The patient's heart rate can be measured using a wireless sensor.

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  • Two options available: cardiac and neurological rehabilitation
  • The equipment conforms to the requirements of order no. 1705n.
  • It is ideal for equipping health care facilities under
  • The heart disease prevention federal project.
  • First russian ac motorized treadmill.
  • Three controls available: built-in display, touch pad, push-button remote control.
  • Options for programming individual cardiac rehab profiles and interval workouts.
  • User-friendly menu, options for saving patient profiles.
  • 8 standard ergometric test protocols with options.


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