Physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy is an important part of the comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases. Physiotherapeutic effects on the body are used in many branches of medicine. Therefore any health facility profile independent has its own department or office where patients can always undergo the necessary physiotherapy procedures.

What can we offer

At present, Zarya Group of Companies offers equipment for magnetotherapy and products for mud therapy of the Tomed serie some of which can be used not only in a hospital, but also at home.

Avantron. Device for magnetotherapy, intended for use in health facilities. It is used to treat patients with gynecological and urological conditions. The procedure is non-invasive, has almost no contraindications.

Kolibri-Expert. Equipment for physiotherapy in small hospitals. The basis of its work is the general effect of a magnetic field on the body. It has four modes. It is characterized by ease of use and mobility.

Magnetoturbotron "Standard". Magnetotherapy device for use in a hospital. Used for general effects on the body. It features a wide range of indications.

Magnetoturbotron "Luxe". An improved model of the Standard magnetoturbotron. It has two modes - “Standard” (ten types of procedures are programmed) and “Lux” (parameters are set manually). Used for system-wide magnetotherapy.

The product Tomed. Healing mud is rich in active humic acids. When used it has four effects at once - mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological. Procedures can be done at home or in a health facility. Used mainly in cosmetology and dermatology.

The device "Elgos". Designed for electrostatic massage. It has a wide scope of applications - cosmetology, medicine, professional sports.

Our advantages

Zarya Group of Companies has been a manufacturer of high-quality equipment designed for magnetotherapy, rehabilitation and mud therapy for physiotherapy rooms for 20 years. Why choose us?

  • We carry out a complex delivery of our equipment. We carry out turnkey installation and practical training of personnel.
  • We give a guarantee of 24 months for each device and perform mandatory after-sales service.
  • We present a complete package of documents for each physiotherapy apparatus.

You can buy equipment at affordable prices. Our managers are always ready to advise and select the necessary physiotherapy devices taking into account your needs and capabilities. Our medical equipment will be the pride of your clinic or physiotherapy room.