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Magnetoturbotron Lux

This device generates a uniform rotating magnetic field with a maximum induction of 3 mT around the entire patient’s body, which produces a positive effect on all body systems. It is a stationary equipment intended for use in a big health facilities, spa centers, hospitals etc.

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This model has an ergonomic touch screen, thanks to which the procedure is launched with one or two touches. Thanks to the modern design, the installation will fit into the interior of any clinic.

Magnetoturbotron Lux meets the most modern requirements of practical healthcare:

  • has protection against improper switching on, against power supply voltage swing;
  • increased reliability and stability of the installation;
  • wide possibilities for choosing the frequency characteristics of the magnetic field, various modulation laws, etc.

Magnetoturbotron Lux can work in one of two modes: STANDARD and LUX, which is selected by a specialist.

In the mode Standard there are 10 types of procedures, including treatment procedures:

  • hypertension,
  • hypotension,
  • inflammatory diseases,
  • pain syndromes,
  • prostate adenomas,
  • fibroids and mastopathy,
  • varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

In order to begin treatment of a patient, simply select the type of procedure, depending on the diagnosis, and start a treatment session. The parameters of all pre-installed programs have been tested in various medical institutions.

The EXPERT mode allows you to independently adjust the parameters of the procedure.

After registering the patient, the nurse sets the procedure parameters prescribed by the doctor on the device:

  • frequency,
  • modulation law,
  • maximum induction,
  • cycle time,
  • duration of the procedure,
  • direction of rotation of the magnetic field.

According to a given program, a uniform modulated rotating magnetic field is created in the treatment chamber. At each point in the cavity of the inductor, the magnetic field vector makes a complete revolution in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the inductor with a given frequency and direction. In this case, the module of the vector changes from zero to the maximum value and is cyclically repeated, in accordance with the established parameters.

General indications for magnet therapy with Magnetoturbotron:

General indications:
  1. Psychosomatic disorders,
  2. Neurological disorders,
  3. Arterial hypertension,
  4. Digestive system diseases,
  5. Respiratory diseases,
  6. Endocrine diseases,
  7. Genitourinary disorders,
  8. Immune deficiency,
  9. Precancerous conditions:
    1. Mastopathy with no indications for surgical treatment,
    2. Uterine fibroids,
    3. Prostate adenoma,
    4. Mastopathy with no indications for surgical treatment.
  1. Pregnancy,
  2. Stage II B – III circulatory failure,
  3. Systemic blood disorders,
  4. Foreign magnetic bodies such as pacemakers,
  5. Acute viral infections,
  6. Vasculitis and other pathological processes accompanied by persistent bleeding.


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