Equipment for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the one of the most important stages of treatment. Depends on it as quickly the patient will be able to return to a former way of life. Severe injuries, damages back or a brain, a cerebral palsy, strokes – not the full list of the pathologies demanding the long period of rehabilitation. And not the last role will be played here by experience of personnel and equipment of medical institution.

Equipment selection for rehabilitation of disabled people was very limited several years ago . Respectively and the effect of procedures left much to be desired. Now everything cardinally changed. By means of new technologies rehabilitation aids become more and more perfect, and with them also the efficiency of recovery procedures for disabled people grows.

Equipment for rehabilitation

All rehabilitation training devices can be divided into two groups on influence – active and passive. The choice of option of a training is provided in some models that allows to use them to disabled people with different physical capacities. Also there are models intended especially for children and teenagers. The medical equipment for rehabilitation can be complex, that is after a certain control it can be used for restoration of any part of a body and also intended for study only of a certain part of a body.

Equipment for rehabilitation by GC "Zarya"

The catalog contains models of medical equipment for rehabilitation after strokes, injuries, operations and various pathologies. Their action is aimed not only at restoring the functions of the musculoskeletal system, but also at preventing serious complications such as pressure sores, hypostatic pneumonia, muscle atrophy, etc. Thanks to the work on the simulators, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems work, muscles are strengthened, muscles are activated peripheral circulation.

The design of most models of simulators allows you to take into account the physical capabilities and physiological characteristics of the disabled person. Such rehabilitation equipment has special limiters of power load and range of motion. In addition, many simulators have additional options, thanks to which it is possible to significantly alleviate or adjust the load if necessary.