Equipment for Kinesiotherapy

Kinesitherapy – one of types of rehab gymnastics. On its basis there is performance of the special exercises directed mainly to recovery of work of a musculoskeletal system. Many specialists consider that the kinesitherapy is one of the best ways of rehabilitation allowing to strengthen muscles, joints, to restore work of bodies and systems without overloading them.

The equipment for a kinesitherapy from Zarya Group

For physiotherapy departments in Moscow and other cities of Russia we offer the following equipment for a kinesitherapy.

Electric verticalizer. Kinezo Expert verticalizing tables are used in rehab therapy for patients who cannot stand up without help. They are used to move the patient to an upright position, prepare him/her for standing and walking, and prevent negative consequences of a prolonged lying position.

Tables for Bobat-and Voight therapy. They are necessary for rehabilitation of patients with organic lesions of a brain and disturbances of motor function (for example, a cerebral palsy, strokes). The provided models of tables differ in the increased durability and a big working surface. All of them are equipped with the electric drive and have additional options.

Massage tables. They are intended for equipment of health facilities, massage offices and beauty shops.

Developments of Zarya Group

Our specialists for several years develope the equipment for a kinesitherapy and try to consider all features of carrying out gymnastics of this type. Therefore models of tables differ in the increased stability and durability. The strengthened framework maintains big loading, and the soft upholstery from durable material allows the patient to feel comfortable during procedures. Besides, it is possible to buy from us at reasonable price the accompanying goods for a kinesitherapy – rollers, pillows, wedges and head support.