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The effect of Elgos Electrostatic Massager is based on the deep tissue oscillation.

The method includes exposure of the patient's body to a low-frequency electrostatic field of high intensity with changeable modes (the ratio of the pulse/pause duration) and with varying intensity. The electrostatic field induces varying vibrations in tissues, extending to a considerable depth. Oscillatory processes have analgesic and antispastic effect, improve tissue trophism, local hemodynamics and lymph circulation, promote tissue regeneration.

Elgos Electrostatic Massager has a wide range of applications in medicine, cosmetology and professional sports.

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Elgos electrostatic massager:

  • Is absolutely safe for patients and operators.
  • Has a wide range of applications.
  • Is easy to transport.
  • The effect of the electrostatic field is absolutely painless.


  • abnormally low or high muscle tone, muscular disorders,
  • various pains,
  • Blood and Lymph Diseases, edema,
  • Trophic changes in soft tissues

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology applications:

  • Anti-aging medicine,
  • Cellulite prevention and treatment,
  • Fast recovery after cosmetic surgery.

Professional sports applications:

  • fast recovery after injuries,
  • Treatment of muscle pain and strains,
  • Recovery from exercise.

Contraindications for electrostatic massage:

  • Acute infections,
  • Skin infections,
  • Active tuberculosis,
  • Thrombophlebitis,
  • Erysipelas,
  • Malignant tumors in patients who did not undergo radical operations,
  • Acute decompensated cardiovascular diseases,
  • Electronic implantable cardioverter defibrillators (pacemakers),
  • Pregnancy,
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Technical specifications of elgos electrostatic massager:

1. 5 treatment modes:  
  — Mode 1: Slight vibration 1/3
  — Mode 2: Slight intensive vibration 1/2
  — Mode 3: Medium vibration 1/1
  — Mode 4: Strong vibration 2/1
  — Mode 5: Strong intensive vibration 3/1
2. Output voltage: 0 to 430 V (0 to 100% on the device interface)
3. Output signal frequency: 5-250 Hz
4. Procedure duration: 1-30 minutes
5. Electrical Safety Class II, Type B (as per GOST R50267.0)
6. Overall dimensions, mm:  
  — Stationary 235x205x90
  — Portable 211x142x85
7. Weight 2 kg
8. Power supply:  
  — for stationary equipment 220 ± 23V, 50 Hz
  — for portable equipment 3 AA batteries 1.2 V

There are two models are available: stationary and portable.


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