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Balance Master bio-feedback simulator is designed to restore balance, develop movement coordination and balance.

It is used to treat patients with neurological disorders and impared musculoskeletal system, and for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. A built-in motion sensor and additional software allows the therapist to stimulate the patient's motivation with interactive training games and to monitor the recovery dynamics.

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  • Recovery from brain injuries and spinal cord injuries,
  • Stroke recovery,
  • Maintaining the muscle tone in elderly patients,
  • Treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease,
  • Symptomatic therapy for multiple sclerosis.

Balance Master Simulator is used to perform complex rehabilitation exercises in a vertical position. It corrects errors when transmitting a signal from the brain to the muscles. The simulator prepares the patient for making the first step. It provides gradual adaptive training for the correct movement patterns. The simulator is equipped with an electric lifting device and an auxiliary belt to verticalize the patient from a sitting position.


The patient is placed on the simulator, his/her feet, knees, and pelvis are fixed. The patient's body is stabilized. The rehab procedure is made in the form of a computer game. The patient controls its action by deflecting his/her torso in different directions.

The program reads the patient's motions with help of special sensors installed on the simulator, and displays the data on the monitor.

The program can be adjusted depending on the results.


  • Learning correct movement patterns,
  • Spasticity reduction,
  • Balance training,
  • Movement rehabilitation,
  • Stimulation of the gastrointestinal and urinary systems,
  • Osteoporosis prevention.


  • Exceptional stability of the simulator and reliable fixation prevent the fear of losing balance and falling down,
  • Exercises are made in the form of a game
  • Bio-feedback allows the therapist to quickly track treatment and rehab progress.


STANDARD CONFIGURATION 1: Balance Master Simulator with mechanical lifting device

STANDARD CONFIGURATION 2: Balance Master Simulator with electric lifting device

Additional options:

  • Motion sensor + bio-feedback software;
  • Additional leg support;
  • Additional head and back support.
  • Supplied upon request are: Laptop, monitor, monitor stand, HDMI cable (not rated as medical equipment).
  • Treatment of patients with neurological disorders or impaired musculoskeletal system (stroke, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis).
  • The equipment is much more cost effective than similar foreign equipment (affordable for institutions with a limited budget).

Balance Master is a bio-feedback simulator for restoring balance and developing movement coordination.

  • Patients are motivated by interactive training games.
  • Easy monitoring of recovery dynamics.
  • Electric lifting device and auxiliary belt for verticalization.
  • The simulator is stable and all fixing equipment is very reliable. This relieves the patient from the fear of falling.


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